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    Re: Tinnitus and Touring
    « Reply #30 on: 2017-05-18 11:12:28 »
    ...Schubert put a pro liner in my C3 and it improved the fit greatly. They have excellent customer service also

    Did it sound like this?


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      Re: Tinnitus and Touring
      « Reply #31 on: 2017-05-18 13:03:54 »
      I have used this for 13 years now.

      You can hear music at much lower levels.  Wind noise is gone.  Sena is clear.  Still hear surrounding outside sounds.  Just cant say enough.

      Do you use the added earphones or just the filters? Looks like there's 3 models available. Which do you recommend?


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        Re: Tinnitus and Touring
        « Reply #32 on: 2017-05-19 19:42:27 »
        i developed tinnitus in my 20s (too many concerts) and have been very careful since to always wear earplugs when riding above 40mph for any length of time

        the ones i have used for years are these (see pic below),standard cheap ones. some people hate them, but i get on fine with them

        i tried some custom-made earplugs recently, where they take a mould of your ear, they were supposed to block out all the "harmful" noise and yet still enable you to hear the engine etc. but, i found them worse than the regular cheap foam plugs (see pic below),every passing car on the motorway seemed to make much more noise

        i also got a Schuberth C3 as it was reviewed as "the quietest helmet", but personally i don't find it any better than my 12 year old Arai

        although the RT with the screen up and earplugs in is probably the best bike i have ever ridden for noise


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          Re: Tinnitus and Touring
          « Reply #33 on: 2017-05-20 10:42:46 »
          The message seems to be find some combination of bike, screen, helmet and plugs that suits you personally. For me custom made plugs are the most comfortable for long journeys. But I like having disposable ear plugs handy in the pockets of my various jackets. If you google "earplug samples" there are lots of firms that will send you sample packs for you to experiment with. Try different types, find the ones you like best and then bulk buy.


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            Re: Tinnitus and Touring
            « Reply #34 on: 2017-05-20 12:50:02 »
            My favourite ear lugs are from Pinlock, the visor insert people. Have used them for years. I lost one a couple of weeks ago, read some reviews and bought a set of Alpine ear plugs for a change. First time I tried them, inserted them with the tool stick thingy provided, buggered if I could get them out again. Had to use a pair of tweezers. Now bought another set of Pinlock and will stick to those  8)