Author Topic: 2012 TC Front Brake Pads OEM/Brembo  (Read 8681 times)

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    Re: 2012 TC Front Brake Pads OEM/Brembo
    « Reply #75 on: 2017-10-17 06:38:30 »
    I have serviced brakes on countless vehicles in my life, and can say that more than any other brake pad I've used, the EBC HH's do have a "break in period".   I put them on just before a two week trip, and at the start was wishing I had time to swap in some OEM pads.  By about 500 hundred miles into the trip, I was loving them. 

    I measured rotor thickness when I put the EBC pads on, and have checked a few times since then, and so far no discernible accelerated wear.  With nearly 100k miles on my bike, I am getting down towards the wear limit so an expensive rotor replacement is in my future, but still several 10k miles out, I think.

    Anyway, that was my experience.  I'm going to put them on my wife's F800ST soon - the OEM brake setup on that bike is not stellar, and I'm curious to see how much of an improvement the EBC pads will make.

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    FWIW, I have since done so (put EBC pads on the wife's F800ST, and I am happy with the improvement.  Quite noticeable (she and I both agreed).

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