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    Hi All.  Supposed to be off for a weekend in the Lake District today but my 2011 RT1200RT doesn't want to co-operate.  When I switch the ignition on, the dash lights up, neutral indicator lights up and the display shows current mileage.  But that's it.  It doesn't then go on to do what the handbook describes as the "Pre-Ride Check" and then the ABS self diagnosis.

    I washed the bike before I tried to start it but just used my usual hosing technique, no power washer and not forcing water anywhere that I think electronics might be lurking. 

    I've tried disconnecting the battery for a short period but no change.

    I do have At Home breakdown cover but I'm pretty sure all they will be able to do is load her up and take her to a dealer for diagnostics so was hoping there might be some way I can get her started on the driveway.

    Any help gratefully accepted.


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      Re: Not Starting - No Pre-Ride Diagnostics Check
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      Sounds like your starter button has failed.  Had it on a 1600, twice.  Everything lights up but nothing happens when you press the button.  It's a quick fix if the dealer has the switch..  If you have extended warranty they are covered.


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        Re: Not Starting - No Pre-Ride Diagnostics Check
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        Any help gratefully accepted.

        Have experienced the same problem with a 2012 RT, bike failed to start. We were in Germany, a Sunday overnight stay was arranged, before the recovery guy turned up the next morning. Tried the bike early on Monday morning and it started, rode to Kassel and had the switch changed.

        Try and drive out any moisture from the switch and/or use some electrical contact cleaner, might just work.

        If the bike was purchased less than a year ago from a BMW dealer, it should have a 1 or 2 year used bike warranty.
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